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No need for Surgery

After 2 years of a non-stop period I was diagnosed with fibroids and told that the only solution to my problem was surgery. Since I didn’t want surgery I did some research on possible alternatives, and when Fibrovan offered a money back guarantee, I thought I had nothing to loose. I am sure glad I did! After 3 months of use my periods were back to normal and now 4 years later, they are still normal. When my daughter started having similar problems surgery was recommended for her too. After 3 months of use, her periods were back to normal as well! This is a great product and I recommend it to anyone with fibroids.


What a relief

I think it’s great. Fibrovan is the only thing I have tried and it works for me – no more blood clots no more of that ugly blood caused by endometriosis. It’s truly a Godsend! It also gave me back a normal cycle. Thanks Fibrovan.


I am so glad I tried this product

I am 40 years old and have been suffering with fibroids for a long time. I have had a large one removed in 2000, they came back, I had a UFE done. and now they are back again. My GYN wants to do a hysterectomy on me, but I am not ready for that. I was looking online for some treatment for fibroids one night and I came across this site, read a few reviews and told myself it wouldn’t hurt to try (but of course I asked my heart Doctor would it be ok for me to take – he told me it would be fine since I wasn’t on blood thinners any longer).

I feel like God led me to this site so I ordered the product and so far I feel wonderful. I go see my GYN Doctor in January. I’ve been on Fibrovan for 3 weeks now and when I started my monthly this month I had a less painful period and my bleeding wasn’t heavy at all. I didn’t even have to change my pads as often as I use too. I have lost 3 lbs since I started on Fibrovan. I am sharing this product with a friend whom I work with who has been thinking about having surgery. I believe once she tries this she will change her mind.

Jane P.

I feel absolutely wonderful

Tried Fibrovan after repeatedly hearing from doctor’s that I need to have yet a 3rd surgery to remove fibroids. In less than 2 weeks I noticed a difference. I didn’t realize how swollen/bloated not only my stomach was but my entire body. In the 1st month of use I dropped 4 sizes!!! Everyone is complimenting me on the weight loss not knowing how sick I was internally due to the fibroids. My monthly cycles are back to normal no excess bleeding and having to keep an extra set of clothes with me during my cycle. I cannot tell you how many women I’ve passed this information onto. I feel absolutely wonderful. Thank you Fibrovan

Katherine F.

Fibrovan allows your system to heal itself

I am a 47 year old African American woman. I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids that had my uterus expanded to the size of 22 weeks of pregnancy but not. I did not want to lose my uterus. So I searched the internet and came across Fibrovan. I purchased 2 bottles that came right away. I received relief right away the clots were there but the pain was not. This produce is wonderful! Everything it promises will happen. Fibroid free and no surgery! My family wanted to know what I was doing. I use to couldn’t sleep on my stomach it was very uncomfortable. Now my God it is wonderful. Fibrovan allows your system to heal itself. How awesome is that with no side effects. Try it please! You will not regret it.
God Bless!

Leatrice M.

Works great!

I ordered Fibrovan for my daughter at the suggestion of a holistic health care provider. She is only half way through the first bottle and her symptoms are already easing! I finally feel like my daughter has a chance to feel better and won’t be condemned to a life filled with pain and feeling bad all of the time.


Amazing Results

I was told I was going to have a hysterectomy because I had endometriosis so bad. I was having continual periods and they were unable to help get them under control. I was told about this product and within a few weeks the periods were less and the pain more bearable.

Great Product It Works!

I’ve only used it for 2 weeks so far and it’s already working. I was bleeding from the fibroids and after taking this product the bleeding has stopped. Can’t wait for the fibroids to shrink and disappear altogether.


My periods are much more manageable

I started to taking this product last June 2013 it is now December. I take 2 pills in am and 2 in afternoon. At this point I have about 70% less bleeding through the month than I did prior to starting. Not sure if it will improve any more than it has but I am happy enough with the results I have gotten. My periods are much more manageable as well, they last 4 days start to finish and I am right on time every 28 days. I would say I have been this regular with normal bleeding patterns and the cramps are what I would consider normal since being on the Fibrovan. Be patient it will take some time and consistency if your female issues are bad. Don’t expect immediate results. Overall GREAT PRODUCT!