Success Stories

A work in progress

I have been taking Fibrovan since November 2013. I was diagnosed with two fibroids, which were getting bigger. Since starting Fibrovan I am not experiencing the discomfort that I had during PMS, nor am I clotting.

It looks like the fibroids are shrinking. I am scheduling an appointment with the doctor to confirm.

Thank you!

Willow M.


This product is a God send for my fibroids. It’s not a cure but it does everything they said. I stopped taking it for a couple months and had to go back again. I can feel the difference in matter of weeks – less pain, no big clots, no bladder pressure etc … I thank God for it because I cannot do the surgery . I recommend to my friend all the time

It’s working!

I’ve been bleeding every single day for the past 3 years. There wasn’t one day that I wouldn’t stop bleeding. I did not want any surgery. Finally I came across this product, that I started taking 5 days ago and I stop bleeding completely on the 4th day. My energy level is slightly improving. So far so good.

Immediate pain relief

I’m 53 years old and have had a large fibroid (large grapefruit) for at least 6 years. Years ago, my doctor wanted to do a hysterectomy. I decided to just suffer through. Well, this past December, the pain was so bad, I couldn’t turn over in bed without hurting. Also, sitting for long periods at a desk (my job) was agony. Your advertising stated pain relief within a week. I felt relief within 36 hours!!
I’ve been on this since mid-Jan, 2014. I’m hoping for shrinkage.



I am a 64 year old woman who had a surgery due to appendix before having that surgery i didnt have a menstrual cycle for 10 years after the surgery they told me I had fibroids and Ive had a cycle ever since I dont want to have a surgery so I’ve been taking this product for 3 months it has helped a lot I still get bloated but my cycle is not heavy I’m hoping and praying it will go away I hope this helps someone its helping me.


I really don’t know what to say but Fibrovan is an answer to my prayers!! My GYN doctor had told me a few years ago that I had a small fibroid & I was highly upset. I know the results of having fibroids from my mom, other family members, and friends and what having them entailed. One of my friends was only 37 and she had to have a partial hysterectomy & her sister was in her early 40′s and she had a full one!! Thank God they both have children; however my friend only has one son & I truly believe that she wanted another child. At first my issues wasn’t that bad but over time I started dreading my periods because of the heavy bleeding. I knew that eventually I would have to do something about the fibroid & heavy bleeding; but I did not want to undergo a harsh procedure that would affect my ability to have children; being that I do want to have a child. So, I kept praying about it & one day I was just researching alternative/natural treatments for fibroids and I came across this website. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first but I decided to step out on faith & give it a try & OH BOY am I so glad that I did!!! Immediately when I took my first dosage of Fibrovan I could feel it instantly working on that fibroid! When I went to my midwive for my yearly GYN exam she didn’t find any fibroids & told me that everything looked great! I told her about Fibrovan & she asked me for the website so she could check it out herself! All I can say about Fibrovan is that I thank God for hearing and answering my prayers & I thank God for the makers of Fibrovan! Make he continue to bless you & your work. You are truly making a difference in the lives of others! :-)



Fibrovan was my life saver! I can’t recommend this product enough! There are no side effects & it works! I had a fibroid surgery over several years ago and was told by my physician the fibroids will most likely return until I go thru menapause, which they did. The bleeding was unbearable! Controlled & ruined my whole life. Until Fibrovan! This product stopped the bleeding completely & is shrinking the fibroids. I am noticing my stomach getting smaller. I couldn’t be happier! Please try this product if you are having any issues with fibroids. I promise you will be happy you did! Thank you the makers of Fibrovan for giving me my life back! No more surgery! Yay! Thank you so much!!!

So far so good

I’ve only been on the Fibrovan for a little over a month now, but I’ve seen such a difference in my cycle and my energy level already, I’m so glad I tried this product. So far so good, I look forward to what things will be like for me three months from now, as I’m excited about getting pregnant in July and having a successful pregnancy w/o fibroids being an issue for me.